About the WPVMA

The WPVMA is dedicated to compassionate, quality health care for all animals, protecting the health of the public, strengthening the human-animal bond and providing advanced continuing education for our members.

WPVMA Officers

President: Dr. Becky Morrow, 724-882-4527

Secretary: Jane Gruber, CVT, 412-665-1810

Treasurer: Jane Gruber, CVT, 412-665-1810

Trustees to the PVMA: Dr. John Showalter, Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Service, 724-774-4281

Trustees to the PVMA: Dr. Henry Croft, 724-593-6111

Contact the WPVMA

c/o Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic
6742 Reynolds St
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
fax: 412-361-6668
Email: wpvmamail@gmail.com

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